The Backers Platform hosts smart contracts for crowd-funded campaigns. Our contracts are designed to provide Trust, Transparency and Accountability to crowd-funded financial transactions. At Backers we are starting with eSports as our entry level platform is perfect for crowd-funded prize pools. This is only the first step as we develop smart contracts that can utilize advancements in De-Fi such as Yield Farming, Staking and Providing Liquidity.  As we continue to develop our platform to serve our communities, we will be offering our users opportunities not previously possible.  The  Backers platform is live and under test on the Ropsten Ethereum test network.

Backers Inc. has been approved by NetCapital to sell up to 535,000 shares of common stock at $2.00/ share to fund the further development of our platform.  Investors can buy as little as one share via the NetCapital portal and do not need to be “accredited investors”.  Our offering is live.  Register now to reserve your shares as we expect our offering to sell out quickly.


Backers is revolutionizing eSports competitions by creating crowd-funded prize pools on the Ethereum blockchain.  Fans gain a form of equity in the team during the competition and receive their share of the prize pool when their teams win. eSports teams have fans that number in the hundreds of millions, yet these fans are limited to passively enjoying the streams from their favorite teams.  At Backers we solve this problem by restructuring eSports competitions to include crowdfunded entry fees that allow the global audience to participate in the competition by Backing their favorite teams and players.  For the first time, worldwide audiences can become financial backers of their favorite teams. Fans can contribute to and receive from global crowd-funded prize pools extending brand reach, loyalty and engagement.


At Backers we want to change how we fund our communities.  Charitable organizations and fundraising campaigns lack transparency and often few resources actually reach the needy party.  School funding is at the top of our list.   School funding and sports programs are being cut all across the country.  Schools adapt by running fundraisers that usually consist of the students selling ‘goods’ from a catalog with the understanding that some portion of that money will make its way back to the school.  At Backers, we envision a different model, one that allows the entire community to benefit. 


We are currently pursuing relationships with companies that utilize temporary, migrant or undocumented labor.  For these companies, providing long term benefits to migrant or temporary labor can be costly and administratively prohibitive.  At Backers, we are developing smart contracts that will allow any employer to establish a deferred benefit style plan for their employees using digital assets.  Assets can be programmed to vest at a specific rate with a contract that is locked until all vesting conditions are met.  In this way, we remove the roadblocks from the relationships between the employee and the employer, allowing them to structure compensation and rewards that work for them.



Backers partners with eSports teams and creators to create custom tournaments with crowd-funded entry fees.


Fans back their favorite teams by sending digital assets to a smart contract in return for equity in the team.


Crowd funded prize pools will allow fans to engage like never before with their favorite eSports.


Prizes are awarded as the teams place and the smart contract pays out the prize to the backers.

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1. You will need the MetaMask Ethereum wallet to interact with the contract.  You can download it here…

2. Next you will need some test Ether, connect your wallet to the Ropsten test network and Request test Eth here…

3. Now you are ready to Back your favorite team by visiting Backers

 4. Once in the app, simply click on the team you would like to back, and enter the amount. 

You will see a green check next to players you are Backing and the prize pool details as well.